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The Vilna Gaon's advice to Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin

The Vilna Gaon attended a wedding in a town close to Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin. Rabbi Chaim was nineteen at the time. During the entire day following the wedding, which was Friday, the Vilna Gaon was confined to his room, studying. Rabbi Chaim waited all day, and finally asked if he could serve the Vilna Gaon with hot water to bathe for Shabbos. The Vilna Gaon accepted and they discussed learning. Rabbi Chaim said to the Vilna Gaon that after reviewing Moed, (an order of tractates of Talmud) fourteen times, he still did not understand it. The Vilna Gaon told Rabbi Chaim that there is no measure of how many times a person should review Torah. After this advice Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin became a student of the Vilna Gaon.

- Source: The Vilna Gaon, by Dovid Schulman

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