Everything belongs to Hashem, so a thief might argue, "since the world is G-d's how can I be stealing? I'm not removing this from G-d's presence." R. Akiva, on the verse, "The world is G-d's, and all that fills it." The Talmud quotes R. Akiva: "He acquired and bequeathed His world" - meaning G-d owns the world just for the purpose of giving it to people. In Jewish law, a thief pays an added fifth besides the stolen amount. Deceiving or betraying another person also betrays G-d. As such, it is appropriate to appease and compensate those who we deceived in greater measure than what their loss entailed. To appease G-d we must appease the people upon whom He bequeathed property. - based on talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe 3/13/65

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