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How to Give Charity

Yehuda, an extremely wealthy man, had a friend, Moshe, who became poor. Yehuda offered to give his friend Moshe some money, but Moshe told him that he would not accept charity.

So Yehuda sent one of his servants to Moshe's house, in disguise. He held a valuable pearl. The servant told Moshe that he had been sent by a merchant to sell a pearl for one ruble. Moshe, sensing his good fortune, used his last ruble to purchase the pearl.

Yehuda then sent another servant, also disguised, to Moshe's house. This servant informed Moshe that his master had sent him to Moshe to purchase the matching pearl to a set of pearls that adorned a crown. His master had instructed him to pay 600 rubles for the matching pearl. Moshe made the transaction and was back on his feet again.

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