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Delivering Painful Messages (From Z. Pliskin's The Power of Words)

There are siuations when you will have to deliver a message to someone that he will find painful. Regardless of how you convey the message, it will cause suffering. Nevertheless, you are still obligated to be as sensitive as possible. Empathize with the person's pain. Plan in advance exactly how you will word the message. If necessary, practice a few times before you speak to the person. Try to remember instances when people spoke tactfully to you in similar situations.

When you know that your messavge will be painful, you yourself are likely to experience stress and this can make yourpresentation more abrupt. Try to put yourself in a calmer state of mind before you begin speaking to the other person. Take your time. There are messages that can sound callous and insensitive if they are just given bluntly. But if the message is given over with a proper introduction and thoughtful elaboration, it will be easier for the person to cope with.

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