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Elevating Beautiful Things

The possuk says "Ze ay-lee v'anveihu" "This is my G-d and I will glorify G-d."

"v'anveihu" comes from the root word "Noi", glorify.

The name for the Ancient Greeks was "Yavan." The Ancient Greeks did things in the most beautiful way. The word Yavan is the word for beauty (Noi) spelled backwards in the Hebrew. Also, the letters of the name Yavan, are all shaped the same, except for the length of the stem of the letter. The stem of the nun extends down the most, the stem of the vov extends down not as far, and the yud extends down the least. The significance of the order of the letters is that while Yavan extended the beauty further and further down into the world, the emphasis on Noi, or beautification to glorify G-d, is that the beauty becomes more and more elevated, like the progression from the nun to the yud.

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