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A Piece of Advice

When the prospect of having more money comes, remember that there will be more then one option of what to do with the money. This could result in wanting both things, and feeling deprived as a result of only being able to have one of the things.

Worse yet, feeling envious of other peoples' material wealth can lead to a multitude of improper behavior. Amassing wealth, for instance, increases one's obligation to give charity, and therefore increases one's culpability for failing to do so.

The men of Sodom lost their eternal life (olom haba) because they had money but used it improperly. They were envious of wealthy people, injured them and stole from them (Sanhedrin 109). The verse in Psalms (62:4) states, "k'kir natoi", like a leaning wall... in Sodom wealthy people would be sat down beneath a leaning wall and their death would be staged to look like they had caused the wall to fall. (Maharsha) Their money was then confiscated as payment for damages. This murderous, deceitful behavior in Sodom was rooted in envy and desire to have more money.

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