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Korach's Wealth

Korach led a rebellion against Moses and Aaron. It is significant to understand what role Korach's wealth had in this rebellion.

When Moses speaks of Korach's rebellion in Deuteronomy 11:6 he says "kol hayakum asher braglayhem." "All their riches at their feet." Yakum, the word for riches, also has the word kum in it, which means to stand up. In the Talmud Tractate Pesachim, p. 119a, Rabbi Elazar says that Korach's wealth "stood him up."

There is an inclination to measure our wealth and feel that having more riches permits us to act in ways we would otherwise not consider appropriate. This is why Moses specifically mentions Korach's wealth as having a role in his uprising.

Ecclesiastes (5:12) thus writes "Osher shamor l'baalav l'raato" - "Riches hoarded by their owner to his misfortune."

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