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Jacob Built Sukkot

Jacob only built sukkahs for his cattle to show that the Physical world is only temporary. A Sukkah, Tent, is a temporary thing, and the cattle represented physicality.

The Torah says "Garti im Lavan" (I, Jacob, lived with Lavan).

The Hebrew word for dwell has the numeric value 613, which is the number of the mitzvoth (commandments)

Taryag (613) = garti

Jacob got rich while living with Lavan, but he looked at wealth as a small thing, just a vehicle to keep miztvoth

Jacob ignored his posessions and always studied Torah, and transformed his wealth into spirituality through acts like charity.

Ha'chamor (the donkey) is mentioned several times in the Torah. It is mentioned in reference to Jacob. It was a hint that this would be the donkey that the Moshiach (Messianic Leader) would ride on.

Jacob had something in mind when he said Garti (I lived) im Lavan (with Lavan). This shows that Jacob was prepared to compromise like he did with Lavan, when he would deal later with Esau.

Also if I was able to garti im Lavan, if I could do the 613 (the Mitzvoth) with Lavan, I will surely be able to do them after I leave that difficult environment.

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