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The Fight of the Priests

On Chanukah we speak of the miracle of the wars... "Al Hamilchamot"

The fact that we started the war in the first place is a miracle.

We were outnumbered, but the Macabees stood up and fought anyway.

The war lasted fifteen years, and the Macabees kept on fighting.

This trait of standing up to fight no matter what was a miracle by itself.

The war was fought and won.

There are times when we feel there is no war to be fought. For instance we may go to the synagogue every day and say our prayers prfunctorily, without much intention. In fact we may be giving in to evil. Instead of going to the Temple where there were idols, the Macabees chose to stand up and fight. We too may be in a position to stand up and insist that we ourselves have intent during our prayers, yet feel we cannot do so. If we fight this battle, against all odds G-d will help us and we will win.

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