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A Tzadik's Prayers

Normally if a person causes financial loss to another person, he has to pay for it. But when a Tzadik (righteous person) prays for someone, he is not responsible for losses that occur from his prayers. This is because when a Tzadik prays, and G-d causes the thing to happen, it is not the tzadik who is doing the thing, it is G-d. So why was it necessary for the tzadik to pray? Because it was part of the necessary process ("hishtadlus") that the person should ask the tzadik to pray on his behalf with the necessary realization that there needed to be intervention and where that intervention should come from, and that the tzadik should pray. It was this unfolding of events that was G-d's intent, and it is not the tzadik's fault that it had to be this way.

- based on a point made during Rabbi Reisman's shiur 12/27/98

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