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Fear of Heaven - thoughts based on R. Reisman's Motzei Shabbos shiur "Yiras Shomayim"

Some people envision fear of heaven as someone cowering, shaking, unable to make a decision and therefore an undesirable trait. In fact, true fear of heaven is really not only a good trait in and of itself, but in proper use strengthens a person to do more service to G-d - thus fear of heaven is a good trait that should be developed.

Ways to develop fear of G-d

Talk to G-d. For example when you are about to yell at someone, say "excuse me." and have a brief talk with G-d... see what the results are.

Stop and think. Unlike previous generations who were oppressed in their religious practices, this generation is more likely challenged with decisions like, "Is it okay to have THIS much fun?" or "Is driving THIS fast hurting anyone?"

When saying prayers, have intentions in the words. If this is very unlike the way you pray now, start with one prayer like the Shema or one part of prayer like the last sentences of the Amida.

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