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More Fear of Heaven - more thoughts with the help of my teachers

Fear of heaven can have different moshuls (paradigms). One paradigm is that of the sefirot and awe. G-d is to be looked at with awe in His Wholeness in the sense the G-d has all the attributes named in the Sefirot, which not only include gevurah (severity) but also mercy and kindness, victory and glory.

Ways to develop fear of G-d (see also yesterday) -

Increase Torah learning. Torah learning is a pre-emptive way of fighting the inclination to do sins. It may be too late to run to the bookshelf when the urge to sin is in front of you, but if a person studies Torah it will have the effect of providing strength when temptation comes along.

Deal with other people with an awareness of G-d. We often are in a position to help others, and coupling this with a short discussion with G-d (as recommended yesterday) we can experience our being created in G-d's image in a different way. All of G-d's attributes are only understandable in terms we can grasp, and it is possible to grasp attributes like kindness when we are practicing that trait with others. For instance, making it your business to pray for another person's welfare helps you grasp G-d's kindness and concern for the ultimate good of others. Or having more care in onaas dvorim, not hurting with words, will help you to see how G-d gives you mussar (lessons) in ways you can handle without being insulted.

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