it Torah thought for 01/12/98
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Annulling Decrees

In Parshas Shemos, it says that Yochebed put Moshe in the Nile, and Miriam watched to see what would happen to Moshe [Exodus 2:3-2:4]

Why didn't Yochebed trust in G-d and keep Moshe home?

The Egyptian astrologers had told Pharoah that the deliverance of the Jewish people would come through water. When Moses was placed in the water the astrological signs immediately changed so that Pharoah's advisors told him that there was no further concern because the signs showed the decree had been fulfilled.

In the Talmud (Megilla 15a) there are people cited whose curses and blessings came true and it states that a commoner's curse is not to be taken lightly. David was blessed by Arauna (Samuel II ch24 v23) and Daniel was blessed by Darius (Daniel 6 17). Sara was cursed by Abimelech (Genesis ch20 v16) and Isaac's eyes became weak in his old age (Genesis ch27 v1).

The Talmud says that Rabba made a legal decision that one side didn't like, so he cursed Rabba that his chair should be overturned. Immediately Rabba's students turned his chair upside down. Also, a man once cursed Rava that his ship should sink, so he immediately took his clothing and soaked them in water.

- Based on Me'am Loez on Shemoth 2:4

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