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Reb Mendel

The Chassidic Master, the Seer of Lublin, sent two emissaries in Tomashav to fetch Reb Mendel, whom he wished to have as a disciple. The emissaries failed to find anyone in Tomashev named Mendel who appeared to be appropriate to become a disciple of the master. Then they decided to conceal themselves in the synagogue to see whether there might be someone who was keeping his true identity secret.

Past midnight the saw a young man quietly enter the deserted synagogue, approach the ark, and with a heartbreaking coice cried, "Master of the universe, show me at least a hairsbreadth of truth!" The emissaries came out of hiding and found that this young man's name was indeed Mendel. "We are emissaries of the Rebbe of Lublin." The young Mendel accompanied them to the Seer, and later became the renowned Rabbi of Kotzk, who championed uncompromising truth.

From R. Twerski - Lights Along The Way - Mesillas Yesharim

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