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Eating in the Dark

Ecclesiastes 6:9 states: "Tov mareh aynayim mahalach" - "Better is the seeing of the eyes than the wandering of the desire."

In Talmud Tractate Yoma 74b this verse is cited. A man whose basket is empty feels hunger, Seeing a full basket of food alone partially alleviates a person's hunger. On the other hand, one desiring a satisfying meal should not eat in the dark.

The same verse is cited by another midrash, which compares the word ayin (aynayim - eyes) to iyun, which means concentration. Looking at the verse this way, it means to think deeply in study rather than proceed with study without serious thought.

- Adapted from Koheleth by Y. Broch

Sometimes we feel a spiritual hunger. This hunger can be satisfied by serious Torah study.

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