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The King and The Fly

Once there was a king who wnated to make an exhibition for his people of his great swordsmanship.

The king hired two great swordsmen. The first swordsman was led to the stage, and the King brought out an ornamental box. He placed the box before the swordsman, and opened the box. Out came a fly. Immediately, the expert swordsman swirled his sword around skillfully, and declared, "I have broken the fly into four pieces."

The second swordsman had no choice but to try to outdo the first. The king again brought him a box, opened it, and out flew a fly. Swish!

"I have divided the fly into eight pieces!" exclaimed the swordsman.

The king then brought out a final box, opened it, and himself waved his sword. However, this time, the fly continued to buzz around the stage. The subjects of the king did not know what to do. If they clapped, they risked angering the king, so they stood silent.

The king declared, "Look my people! I have made this fly into a Jewish fly! I have circumcised it!"

The greatest revelation of the Omnipresent one is like the revelation of G-d in the story of Purim. Nowhere in the Megillah is G-d's name mentioned. This is the Talmud states that if there is only one holiday after the Messiah it will be Purim. Every other holiday, including Chanukah, includes revealed miracles. All of the miracles of Purim, however, come in a hidden way without loud fanfare.

Story heard from R. Fingerer at Aish Hatorah One on One Learning 2/23/99

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