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Psalm 106 Verse 20

Verse 2 in Psalm 106 says 'Mi Yimallel Gevuros Hashem?', "Who can express the mighty acts of G-d?" In the Zohar, it is pointed out that the usual term for express is yidaber, to speak. The Psalm uses the term yimalel because it is cognate to the Hebrew word 'malel', meaning to cut down stalks. Deuteronomy uses the word in the verse 'vkatafta mlilos byadecha', meaning "You shall pluck with your hand the stalks which stand to be cut down." In that verse, the word implies full grasp, and so here the Psalm is saying, "Who can fully grasp G-d's greatness?" While man can speak of G-d's wonders, he cannot begin to grasp them.
- Adapted from Artscroll Psalms
The Talmud relates a story of a man who added praises of G-d to the standard prayers. His efforts, however, showed a lack of understanding of the concept that no matter how much we praise G-d, it does not begin to express G-d's greatness and wonder.
- Adapted from Artscroll Psalms

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