Eyshet Chail - Woman of Valour

In honor of Avraham ben Devorah, this site has been revived.
The Eyshet Chayil (Written by King Solomon) is in Proverbs Chapter 31 Verses 1 - 31, and is also part of the Friday Night Hymns sung at the Sabbath Table prior to the Sabbath Meal. The following discussion is based on Rabbi Munk's translation and re-compilation of the Holy Alshich's Commentary on Eishet Chayil.
The Holy Alshich (1508~1601, Adrianople, S'fat, Damascus) offers a homiletic interpretation of the Eishet Chayil section of Proverbs
Eishet Chayil Mi Yimtza?
Eishet Chayil - Literally a woman of valor - Homiletically interpreted to mean The Holy Soul
Mi Yimtza? - Literally Who Can Find - Homiletically interpreted to mean the constant endeavor of the holy soul, which is from heaven, to resist evil temptation. Constant is the operative term here, so even if occasionally the soul loses the battle, she does not punish the body her host by giving up on him nor propelling him in a negative direction as an act of punishment for not having taken her advice.
Be important and cry out for Avraham ben Devorah who needs a complete recovery!
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