Small Talk

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A wife needs small talk from her husband.
The Chazon Ish lived in Jerusalem. He wasn't a Rabbi, but he was a Talmudic scholar. It is amazing to see what insight the Torah gives into human relationships.
The Chazon Ish says that it is extremely important to a woman that her husband engages in small talk with her. To a woman, it is important to be accepted by her husband, and engaging in small talk about the events of the day and such things indicates acceptance.
To the Pirkei Avoth teaching that says not to engage in excessive talk with one's wife, the Chazon Ish comments that this teaching is certainly not in regards to one's first year of marriage, and is certainly not in regards to any wife who needs her husband's approval through the means of engaging in small talk.
- from a speech given by Rabbi Terrebello 1/23/2002
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