Don't Make a Woman Cry

In honor of Avraham ben Devorah, this site has been revived.
Rab of the Talmud said that one should be exceedingly careful not to do wrong to his wife - her tears are frequent and she is hurt quickly.
To elucidate further, Rabbi Eleazar of the Talmud said that since the time of the Temple's destruction, the gates of prayer are locked, as indicated in the verse, "Also when I cry out, he shuts out my prayer." (Lamentations ch. 3 v. 8)
However, Rabbi Eleazar points out, the gates of tears are not closed, for the verse states, "Hear my prayer O Lord, and listen to my cry; do not hold Your peace at my tears" (Psalm 39 v. 13).
- From Baba Metzia folio 59a lines 29 - 38.
Be important and cry out for Avraham ben Devorah who needs a complete recovery!
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