In a Sicha of the Lubavaticher Rebbe, the Rebbe asks how is it that in one place the Sages say during Sukkot, "For Seven Days You Shall Dwell in a Sukkah, making your home a temporary abode," and in another place the Sages said: "Make yourself a Sukkah and dwell in it as a temporary abode." The two instructions appear contradictory. The Rebbe answers that as a person becomes more attuned to making the world a dwelling place for G-d, the more the Sukkah -- representative of G-dliness in the world -- becomes like a permanent dwelling place. So, the two instructions from the Sages become like points in a process that each Jew goes through as they become increasingly involved in living life year-round immersed in G-dly matters -- represented by the Sukkah as the permanent dwelling place -- the real home of every Jew.

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