Many synagogues had this week by a kiddush sponsored by the Chasan Torah, the 'Groom of the Torah'. The Chasan Torah is actually the person who is called up to the Torah as the completion of the reading of the Torah occurs on Simchat Torah. This is a great honor, and the Chasan Torah often makes a large contribution to the synagogue.

There is a happiness that is experienced at the completion of any project in Torah study, and there is great happiness in being able to support a synagogue financially. However, there is only one person in the synagogue who gets the honor of being the Chasan Torah. What is the attitude a person should have if he is not the Chasan Torah?

One thought a person could have would be that although he is not the Chasan Torah this year, he can take the good goals and accomplishments of the Chasan Torah from this year and apply himself as if he plans to be the Chasan Torah in the coming year. This attitude will be a blessing for his Torah study, that he should complete many Torah study projects in the coming year, and it will be a blessing for him financially, enabling him to give more contributions to the synagogue.

- Heard from the Rebbe of Dinov 10/17/98

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