Our Ancestor Noach

According to the Zohar (Parashat Mishpatim), Noach's generation was worthy of receiving the Torah. They possessed tremendous energy and drive, but their potential strengths were channeled in negative directions, towards evil and destructive behavior. Noach saw his generation's external negative traits and was quick to distance himself from them. If he had taken the time to look closer, he would have discovered the tremendous positive potential that lay dormant behind the outer wrapping, potential awaiting the tzaddik's touch to uncover the goodness and bring it to fruition.

- Based on talk by Harav Yehuda Amital

In the end of any analysis, Noach is the father of us all, and this teaches us that even if we do not realize the whole potential of what we or our generation might have accomplished, we still can achieve a level of accomplishment that will merit benefit to others.

- Heard from R. Mordechai Brown

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