A Story of Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer

Once Rabbi Isser Zalman heard from someone that the Brisker Rav was coming over to visit. Rabbi Isser Zalman ran to prepare his finest clothes and set the table. In the end it turned out that the informant had erred, he had mistook a simple Jew for the Brisker Rav. Rabbi Isser Zalman brought that Jew into his home anyway, and waited on him the best he could, as if he were the Brisker Rav. Later Rabbi Isser Zalman explained his actions as follows. "The truth is we have to treat every Jew like the Brisker Rav. But our lack of time and patience prevents us from doing so. If, however, the Master of the Universe furnished me with the opportunity to treat a Jew as he should be treated, I did not want to lose it."

- Adapted from Rabbi Frand in Print p. 152-153 Artscroll

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