Passover continued

Important meanings that Pesach holds for us conveyed to us through the miracles our forefathers witnessed:

Until the redemption, we believed in G-d's providence over everything. After we were freed from the bondage of Egypt it became a reality for all time. This is the foundation of the Jewish nation's being a chosen nation. Our requierment to represent the Torah and carry responsibility for fulfillment of its commands is the sole reason for our existence in the universe.

These concepts are clearly seen in the Ten Commandments in which G-d days "I am G-d thy G-d who took you out of Egypt." G-d tells us two things. "I am G-d" means He is Creator and Ruler of the universe, therefore the G-d of all people, the Jews, Egyptiand, Amalekites, etc. Second "thy G-d" is specifically directed towards the Jews.... this shows that the Jews are the chosen people, for otherwise the Jews are included in the first words "I am G-d."

The next words, "That brought you out of the land of Egypt," teach that by taking us out with extraordinary miracles, He showed us first that He is G-d, Creator of everything and Doer of what He pleases with all, and that we are his chosen, freeing us from Egypt and performing miracles with us and no other nation.

Because Pesach emphasizes the concept of a chosen people other nations have tried to destroy it like no other Jewish holiday. Blood libels claimed that Jews used blood of gentile children to make wine and matzah. The Maharal of Prague is the subject of many stories of blood libels, where he tried to show the fallacy of these accusations, and the A-mighty helped and they were diminished. Still, today, accusations are made against the Jews.

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