The Seventh Night of Passover

The seventh night of Passover was a special event. Inasmuch as the seventh day of Passover commemorated the miracle of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, people swould gather at our home after the evening meal to join in the Song of Triumph which had been composed by Moses...

After completion of the reading of the Song of Moses, the group joined hands and danced in a circle, to the lively melody of "When You Divided the Red Sea, Your Nation Saw Your Might and Glory."

The identification with our ancestors who had participated in the miraculous crossing of the sea once grew so intense that one of the group ran off and brought a bucket of water and poured it on the floor where we were dancing. Mother was not at all pleased with this attempt to simulate the historic experience.

R. Twerski, Generation to Genereation, p. 100

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