From Tzva'a Yekara, the Ethical Will of Rabbi Alexander Ziskind, author of Yesod Ha'shoresh ha-Avodah

I was very careful to give thanks and praise to G-d, may He be exalted and His Name be blessed, for everything bad (may the Merciful One spare us!) that happened to me, whether great or small... I would justify the judgement on myself with joy, and I also gave thanks to G-d, blessed be He, in these words, "My Maker and Creator, You are righteous in all that You have brought upon me, for you have acted in truth - and it is I who have done wickedly. And I offer You praise and thanks for this, my Maker and Creator, for certainly it is for my good that You have brought this upon me."

- from Jewish Spiritual Practices, Y Buxbaum, pg. 616

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