From Tzva'a Yekara, the Ethical Will of Rabbi Alexander Ziskind, author of Yesod Ha'shoresh ha-Avodah Part Two

So too everything good that happened, whether great or small... I thanked Him, blessed be He, for the good that He did to me - either for a mitzvah that He brought before me and geve me the opportunity to do, or just for the good that He did to me in my personal life. Certainly everyone is supposed to do this, as it says in the mishnah (Berachot 9): "A person is obligated to bless G-d for the bad that happens, just as he blesses Him for the good."... The meaning here is that it is obvious that you have to praise G-d for the good - the purpose of the mishnah is to tell us that you also have to bless Him for the bad. And the One who knows our hidden thoughts can testify for me, my dear children, that even apart from the obligation that this mishnah speaks of, which is a halacha (law) of Moshe from Sinai, I did this service of G-d continually, due to the great love of G-d deep in my heart. For I continually thanked and preaised Him, blessed be His Name and may He be exalted, for both the bad things as well as the good that He brought to me.

- from Jewish Spiritual Practices, Y Buxbaum, pg. 616-7

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