From Tzva'a Yekara, the Ethical Will of Rabbi Alexander Ziskind, author of Yesod Ha'shoresh ha-Avodah Part Three

And now I will put before you, my dear children, some examples that come to mind, and from them you can yourselves know what to do in the many similar cases, for there are so many that it is impossible to speak about all of them. I have always been so grateful for the great kindness that my Maker and Creator, blessed and exalted be His Name, did for me in giving me a special room for Divine Service, since the day that I had a mind of my own (as you know). Such a room is a basic requirement for anyone who wants to reach perfection in the lowly world. So I gave Him thanks for this, blessed be He, every time it came to my mind what a great kindness He had done for me - even several times a day. I said this thanksgiving aloud, in these words: "My Maker and Creator, blessed be Your Name, I thank You form the bottom of my heart for having given me a special room for Your Divine Service - not according to my good deeds, but just because of Your great compassion and Your kindness."

- from Jewish Spiritual Practices, Y Buxbaum, pg. 617

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