From Tzva'a Yekara, the Ethical Will of Rabbi Alexander Ziskind, author of Yesod Ha'shoresh ha-Avodah Part Four

Whenever I was returning home from the synagogue, morning and evening, and approached my house, I always gave my deepest thanks aloud to Him, blessed be He, for giving me a house, for me and my family, and especially for its being so close to a synagogue... Whenever I went from my home to the synagogue, I had to walk near the unstable wall of an abandoned house that was on the verge of falling. Even before I reached the wall I began to pray to G-d, blessed be he, that He "save me from the wall falling on me, or on any other person whom You have created." I would say a prayer in this langueage even a number of times, one after the other, whenever I passed the wall. After I had safely passed the length of the wall, I thanked and praised G-d, blessed be He, for saving me from the wall falling on me, in these words, "My Maker and Creator, blessed be Your Name in the mouth of all who live, I thank and praise You, blessed be Your Name, for saving me from the wall falling on me." And I prayed the above prayer and gave thanks even a number of times every day.

- from Jewish Spiritual Practices, Y Buxbaum, pg. 617-8

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