The First Step Towards Sensing G-d's Greatness - Isolation0

Moses was a shepherd, a profession which involves isolation. At the burning bush, G-d told Moses to remove his shoes. Then G-d revealed Himself to Moses. The sequence is simple. First, one isolates oneself in order to be more acutely aware of G-dliness, involving himself in meditation on G-d. Then G-d asks that person at some point to allow a different perspective, signified by G-d asking Moses to remove his shoes. Then G-d gives a person a revelation that he did not have before.
The Chassidic masters are aware of this process, and teach that it is a level to strive for.
The Alter Rebbe once stopped by a town where there were great scholars, and 'converted' ten men to become Chassidim. The attitudes of Chassidic leaders at that time was that the revelation and dissemination of Chassidic thought was part of this process, and they went out of their way to expose others to chassidic thought.

- Adapted from Lubavitcher Rebbe's Memoirs Chapters 23-28

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