The Prayers Part I0

The morning prayer service is divided into four general sections. The first, (Korbanos, sacrifices) involves readings associated with the sacrificial system, the second (Pesukey DeZimrah, Sayings of Praise) consists of Psalms and Biblical phrases, and the third is the Sh'ma and its blessings, and the fourth is the Amidag and its concluding prayers.
The korbonos readings associated with the sacrifices are intended to purify the world as a whole, and remove the obstacles and barriers that would hold back the highest sustenance.
The pesukey dezimrah are intended to cause the Light of G-d'd presence to be revealed. G-d made this depend on the singing of His praises, and this is the meaning of the phrase, "He chooses songs of praise..."
Regarding the Shema,... the Wisond of the Most High decreed that in order of all things to receive G-ds sustenance, they must first bind themselves to each other. The lowest things must bind themselves to those above them, and these in turn to the ones that are still higher, continuing in this manner until the root Forces, which in turn depend on G-d Himself. His sustenance is then extended to these Forces, and it spreads downward appropriately to all levels of creation. In this manner, they all regain their ordained level and function.
The blessings of the Sh'ma were arranged so that they should relate to these mysteries. Through this liturgy, every level of creation elevates itself, until each one is bound to the one above it (and all are bound to the highest level). When they are all bound together and dependent on G-d's light, sustenance can then be transmitted to all of G-d's handiwork. This in trn is accomplished by the Amidah.

- From The Way of G-d, R. Moshe Chaim Luzzato, pg 302-303

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