A Question About Prayer0

The Skverer Rebbe was once approached by a man who was concerned about his son's prayer habits.
"My son will not pray!" the man complained.
The Skverer Rebbe asked the man, "So what's the matter, he has financial problems?"
"No, Rebbe, he is only nine years old!"
"So what is it then, his wife is pregnant and he is worried that she might have a difficult childbirth?" responded the Rebbe.
"No, Rebbe, no! He is just a little boy! Only nine years old!" the man answered.
"Oh, so what is it, his children are sick, they are not well?" the Skverer asked.
"No, no, Rebbe! My boy, he is just a little nine year old! He doesn't have these problems! He's just a little boy!" the man answered.
The Rebbe said, "So if he doesn't have these problems why are you so worried that he doesn't pray?

- Heard at Counterforce 5/25/99

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