Psalm 104 Verse 350

'Yitamu chataim min haaretz vrashaim ain od' - "Sinners will cease from the earth and the wicked will be no more"
The Midrash Shocher Tov explains that Rabbi Yehudah and Rabbi Nechemiah explained the word yitamu two ways. Yitamu is related to tam, complete, so according to Rabbi Yehudah the wicked will become complete, and stop doing bad. According to Rabbi Nechemia, the wicked will become tom (rhymes with home), which means cease, perish...
In a famous story of Bruriah and Rabbi Meir, related in the Talmud in Brachos 10a, Rabbi Meir is praying for the downfall of his evil neighbor when his wife says, "Don't you know that Psalm 104 verse 35 can be interpreted to mean that the sins will cease instead of the sinners will cease?" This is because the word chataim can be translated either sinners or sins.
Rabbi Meir accepted his wife's wise advice, and his prayers were answered when his neighbor stopped vexing him.
- Adapted from Artscroll Psalms

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