Direction of Prayer

The Talmud Tractate Berachos 30a offers the following guidelines of which way to pray:
1) A blind person and someone who cannot determine the direction of Israel should direct his attention to G-d.
2) In the Diaspora, one should pray facing Israel.
3) In Israel one should pray facing Jerusalem.
4) In Jerusalem, one should pray facing the Temple.
5) In the Temple, one should pray facing the Holy of Holies.
6) In the Holy of Holies, one prays facing the Ark.
7) If one is on the other side of the Holy of Holies, he should pray facing the Holy of Holies.
8) Thus, those in the east face west, those in thewest face east, those in the north face south, and those in the south face north.

Tractate Brachos R. Nachman Cohen Feldheim 1989 pg 400

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