Love of G-d

"Many waters (Mayim Rabim) are unable to cover the love for G-d. "
Water is used as a symbol of something that could cover over love. In other places, however, like in the prayer for rain, water and love are synonymous. And if water is a symbol of love, than many waters would increase the love for G-d.
Actually, the difficulty arises from the word "Rabim," "many." Many means too much.
When a person is too much interested in the desires of the world, they could possibly distract him from serving G-d. In pursuit of wealth and adventure, a person could endanger his life.
However, these are "unable to cover the love for G-d" which means that even a person who is intensely and constantly involved with earthly pleasures can arouse his love for G-d immediately, by meditating on G-d's greatness and the great wisdom of G-d's Torah.
- adapted from Toras Shmuel

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