Size of a Pinhole

If a person makes an opening for G-d the size of a pinhole, then G-d will open that hole for him the width of the entranceway to a wedding hall.
On the other hand, it says that G-d sometimes "hides" so that we should make an extra effort to try to find Him.
How can both of these statements be correct?
The Dinover Rebbe says that in the laws of kosher and unkosher animals there is a law that a hole the size of a pinhole changes the status of the animal from kosher to unkosher. But if the hole does not go through and through to the other side of the animal, the hole has no effect on the status of the animal.
This is the situation with a person doing teshuvah (returning to G-d). If he wants to return to G-d sincerely, he doesn't have to change himself at all hardly, just he has to open himself up a little, like the size of a pinhole. But if his teshuvah is not sincere, and does not go all the way, and is not an opening to G-d, then it will not have that effect where G-d helps open him up in unforeseen ways.

- Heard at the table of the Dinover Rebbe, 8/21/99

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